Menorah Bible School
Community Church Ministries International
Bro. Moses Edla, India
God used Menorah Bible School truly as an instrument to give me the right direction in my life in the area of ministry, my family and my career. It has changed the course of my life. HE has transitioned me into a new dimension and GOD reminded me that He likes me the way I am. This has changed my perspective towards God. MBS has touched every area of my life and has made sure that I walk in my Calling. Being a 20 year old, MBS has been a boon which has founded a solid ground for me to walk on in the Ways of God. All Glory, Praise and Honour be to Lord Jesus Christ.
Bro. Dave, Philippines
Before I came to INDIA I faced a lot of issues. My life was getting worse. God is truly Awesome! He didn't leave me that way. I believe that the reason why God sent me to India is to help me find myself again, my true identity in Christ through MBS. I also experienced to speak in tounges for the 1st time in my life. What touched me most is that I found true Christians here.
MBS is indeed God's Bible School.
Sis. Christeen, UAE
I was born in a Christian family but did not truly understand and follow God's Word. But after joining MBS I have learnt so many things for my spiritual growth. I am still in the process of building my relationship with Him. I know God is working in my life and He will guide me through.
Sis. Srilekha David, India
I, Srilekha David, am a part of First Batch of Menorah. I am blessed and proud to be a Menorite. The specialty of the Menorah Bible School is that the Holy spirit is the teacher, doctor, Counselor, Adviser, instructor, Guide, Equipper and I can go on.. We can never graduate from Menorah because these few months are just but the beginning steps with God. They help us to continue on a journey with him.
Personally, during Menorah, God has given me an experience and encountered me on various issues that needed to be set right. He still continues to do so. He healed me emotionally and physically and taught me how to depend on Him. I have been total humbled and honored to realize what and who I am in Christ. May he continue to use me for His glory.
I encourage every one out there not to miss this life changing experience. Be a Menorite, be blessed, and be a blessing to others.
Bro. Ebenezer, India
The subjects are taught by experienced and anointed faculty and are very powerful and interesting. There is a lot of joy in learning the Word of God and experience the power of His word daily in my life. I can confidently say that God is preparing me here to use me as his vessel to spread the joy of His love to so many people in this world and to bring glory to His name.
Bro. Rajiv, India
I had many doubts before I joined MBS but now I am so happy about my decision to join MBS as it has really opened my eyes to see and understand the truths in the Word of God and live by it. Every class is unique and all my doubts are cleared in the Interaction Class.